Andrés Ballén - UX Lead designer

Designing with empathy,
leading with clarity for optimal outcomes.

As a UX Designer, my focus is on creating intuitive and user-friendly designs that prioritize the needs and experiences of people. By deeply understanding user behavior, I craft interfaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. This human-centered approach is fundamental in delivering designs that resonate with users and meet their diverse needs.
Effective team leadership is key to achieving exceptional results. My experience, as outlined in my profile, demonstrates a strong ability to lead diverse teams towards common goals. In my role as UX Lead, I’ve successfully guided teams through various stages of development, emphasizing clear mission, defined roles, and collaborative decision-making. This approach has consistently resulted in high-performing teams and successful project outcomes.

About me

As a seasoned Lead UX/UI Designer with over 15 years in the field, my approach is deeply rooted in an empathetic understanding of the user. Specializing in new technologies and information design, I emphasize usability and accessibility to create products that resonate with users’ needs and enhance their experiences. This user-centric philosophy has been the cornerstone of my career, where I have led interdisciplinary teams to focus on designs that not only look appealing but also cater to the practical and emotional requirements of the users. My roles in companies like Renting TUIO, Banco Itaú Colombia, and DDB Colombia have allowed me to hone a skill set that marries technical prowess with a profound insight into user behavior and preferences. This blend of art and science in design is evident in my work, where intuitive interfaces and strategic project development meet to deliver user satisfaction and business value.

Experiencia laboral

  • TUIO – UX Lead
  • Itaú Colombia – UX Lead
  • DDB Colombia – UX/UI Director
  • TBWA Colombia – UX Lead & UX/UI Designer