Andrés Ballén - UX Lead designer

Papapp – UX/UI design


Papapp is an application designed to help parents manage the contacts and profiles of their children and relatives. The app provides an easy-to-use interface for registering and editing personal information, creating profiles for children and adults, and establishing secure contact settings.

Cliente: Informática Sierra
Proyecto: UX/UI
Date: 2019

Project goals

  • Create an intuitive interface that allows users to register and manage profiles efficiently.
  • Ensure the security of personal and contact information.
    Provide a smooth experience for navigating and using the application on different devices.
  • Incorporate key functionalities such as registration, login, password recovery, and profile management.


The design process module was a structured approach that began with understanding user needs and defining project goals through research and stakeholder interviews. It progressed through brainstorming and wireframing to create initial concepts. These concepts were then developed into high-fidelity prototypes for detailed visualization. User testing was conducted to refine these designs, ensuring they were intuitive and effective. Finally, the design was implemented, with continuous iteration based on feedback to achieve a seamless and user-friendly experience. This iterative process ensured that the final product aligned with user expectations and business objectives, resulting in a cohesive and engaging interface.


To better understand users’ needs and expectations, we conducted a series of interviews and surveys with parents and caregivers. The main findings were:


Personas are fictional and generalized representations of real users. Based on user research, we developed the following personas to guide the design of Papapp.

Information architecture

The information architecture phase was crucial in organizing content for a seamless user experience. It began with analyzing user needs and creating a logical site map. Card sorting was used to categorize and prioritize information, defining main and sub-navigation paths. User testing validated the structure, with adjustments made to improve usability. This process ensured an intuitive information architecture, providing a solid foundation for the overall design.


The wireframing phase was crucial in the design process, providing a blueprint for the interface layout and functionality. It began with low-fidelity sketches to establish the basic structure and placement of key elements. These sketches were refined into detailed wireframes, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and user testing. The wireframes outlined navigation, content hierarchy, and interaction patterns, ensuring optimal user experience before moving to high-fidelity prototypes. This phase facilitated clear communication among the design team and streamlined the development process.

UI Kit

UI design

The Pappap UI design project exemplifies how a user-focused design process can revolutionize the meal planning experience. We developed a platform that seamlessly integrates into users’ daily routines by leveraging comprehensive user research, intuitive wireframing, and iterative testing. Prioritizing ease of navigation, personalization, and visual appeal, we’ve created a user journey that is both efficient and delightful.