Andrés Ballén - UX Lead designer

Tuio – Transactional process


TUIO is a vehicle subscription service for individuals and businesses in Latin America, offering a hassle-free way to enjoy a new car with a fixed monthly fee that covers all necessary services like insurance, maintenance, and taxes.

Cliente: TUIO
Proyecto: UX/UI
Date: 2024

The challenge

To design a completely digital vehicle renting process, from the initial application to the final delivery. This workflow needed to be not only intuitive and efficient but also fully integrated with the various operational areas of our company. We set out to create an unparalleled user experience that aligned with our corporate objectives and promoted smooth, seamless interaction. This challenge pushed us to innovate and achieve a service that truly stands out in the market

Process overview


In the research phase of our digital vehicle renting initiative, we conducted interviews with stakeholders and customers across Colombia and Mexico, alongside surveys from non-customers. This extensive research provided invaluable insights that guided the conceptualization and development of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), aligning it closely with user needs and our strategic business objectives.

Audience Segments

Userflows & Wireframes

In our design process, we create user flows and wireframes to map out and visualize the user journey. User flows outline each step a user takes to complete a task, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. Wireframes, on the other hand, provide low-fidelity visual representations of the product’s layout, focusing on structure and functionality.

UI – Design system: Componets

The components of our design system include the building blocks for our platform’s interface, such as buttons, forms, navigation menus, and modals. These components are designed to be reusable and consistent, ensuring a unified look and feel across the entire user experience. By standardizing these elements, we enhance usability, streamline development, and maintain visual coherence throughout the platform.

UI Design

The process stage in our subscription model streamlines vehicle acquisition. Starting with interactive exploration and transitioning via QR code to personal device selection, customers can customize their vehicle and subscription terms. The transactional process includes identity verification, contract signing, and payment, culminating in scheduling delivery. This seamless journey enhances customer experience, making vehicle acquisition effortless and enjoyable.

We transformed TUIO’s digital onboarding into a seamless and intuitive experience. By combining thorough user research, iterative design, and cross-functional collaboration, we created a solution that meets business goals and enhances user satisfaction. This project highlights dedication to user-centered innovation, making digital tools accessible and easy to use for everyone.