Andrés Ballén - UX Lead designer

Tuio – Self-service kiosk


TUIO is a vehicle subscription service for individuals and businesses in Latin America, offering a hassle-free way to enjoy a new car with a fixed monthly fee that covers all necessary services like insurance, maintenance, and taxes.

Cliente: TUIO
Proyecto: UX/UI
Date: 2024

The challenge

To create an interactive experience at physical locations such as showrooms, dealerships, and specialized fairs that educates customers about the business value proposition. Additionally, this experience should enable customers to explore and select vehicles, as well as choose the subscription duration and mileage. The goal is for this tool to serve both as a support for sales advisors and as a self-service option for customers.

Process overview

General structure of experience

The process stage in our subscription model streamlines vehicle acquisition. Starting with interactive exploration and transitioning via QR code to personal device selection, customers can customize their vehicle and subscription terms. The transactional process includes identity verification, contract signing, and payment, culminating in scheduling delivery. This seamless journey enhances customer experience, making vehicle acquisition effortless and enjoyable.

Phygital touchpoint

Additional touchpoints

UI – Design

TUIO digital onboarding project, we successfully streamlined the user journey into an intuitive and efficient process. Through in-depth user research, iterative design, and close teamwork, we crafted a solution that not only achieves business objectives but also significantly boosts user satisfaction.